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Im confused


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Ok there is this girl I work with (I know its unprofessional) that I think is very pretty. I have only been working with her for about 3-4 weeks. The first couple weeks she was just being shown around/learning things/ basically in training so she didnt talk to many people alot.


This is my problem. The other day she started acting a little flirty. Im not too sure if it means anything or if shes just being friendly or something. This is where im hoping to get some clarity on the situation. After the little bit of flirting (I thought nothing of it at first) I was putting down a stack of plates by her (we work in a restaurant, shes a server and im a cook). She looked at me and said


Her - "You think you can just put those there like that?" in a jokingly sarcastic way


Me - "Yeah, and theres nothing you can do about it" Making it obvious I was joking back


Her After a little giggle - "Well......you can so hah" and turned away while smiling.


I know that doesnt seem like much but it was our first time talking really and the way she said made it sound kind of flirty/friendly. Also, after that I was really confused so I looked up and saw her in the distance and she looked up and looked away as soon as she noticed I saw her looking. I know it all may seem like nothing. And maybe it is nothing. But im hoping somebody could help clear things a bit before I do something that could be awkward.



Sorry if this is in the wrong section.

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Just be friends with her. Don't make any obvious moves, but be nice and friendly and see how she acts to you. that you start staring at her might make her nervous, so forget you are attracted to her and just get on with your work. Smile and be friendly though. If she continued to flirt, then continue to flirt back.

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