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Just some venting

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Had some stuff on here, changed my SN, long story short, I told a "friend" who was going through a break up about this site, and she told my ex so needed a new sn but anyways back to the venting



so basically its been about a month of pretty strict NC after a 3 year, only time's its been broken is when her friends or her decide to yell at me (I didn't do anything wrong, she left me for another guy, but she's crazy and likes to make up stories)



Well over the past two weeks I had alot of fun, went to NYC, philly a few times, and basically just had alot of fun, got back in touch with alot of people, things going great, until my friend decided to hide a pipe in my car without telling me, I got pulled over for a bad headlight and ended up being arrested for possession, paraphernalia, and operating a motor vehicle while in possession of a controlled substance


My friend who hid it in my car tried to get the cop to give him the charges instead but the cop said that wasn't an option and he wasn't dropping the charges on me, even though I didn't know it was in my car



So I decided to do some research because I figured there had to be something in the law that could help me and I found a big one


the statutes for the possession and possession while operating a motor vehicle both include the word "knowingly" since I didn't know it was in my car I didn't knowingly commit either of those charges


the paraphernalia charge requires "use, or intent to use" and if I didn't even know I have it I'm pretty sure they can't say I intended to use it



My friend is going to come with me to my meeting with the prosecutor to tell him what happened so I should be okay


not sure why I'm posting it all, I guess posting here helped me alot before and this is a good place to vent haha

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