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No period on Nuvaring?

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I'm about half way through my second Nuvaring, but I never got a period inbetween the time I took the first one out and put the new one in(I waited the full week). When I started using the ring, I followed the directions and I even inserted the first ring on the very first day of my period(which I believe from the paperwork is the ideal day to start). One thing I noticed is that my period stopped almost instantly after I put the first ring in, within 24 hours, even though it was the first day of my period.


I had some peach-colored spotting maybe half way through the month(so 2 weeks after starting the first ring), but that was it. Since then, nothing. I know that I'm not pregnant because I had to take a pregnancy test a few weeks ago because of a medical procedure and it was negative. I've been on brands of BC pills before that stopped my period, but I guess I figured this was different. Plus I've been on at least 6-8 different brands of pills, and only one of them caused no periods.


I don't miss it, I just found it sort of odd. Any one else experienced this? Other than that the ring has been great for me.

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