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Feeling inside out


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It's going to sound stupid even before I say it, because I'm having trouble explaining what this feeling is. It is weird. It's just a feeling lately of having my insides turned inside out; guts on the outside, the old outside now on the inside.


It's bothersome if only bc I feel like I can't express it. Physical exercise, well that doesn't work. It feels good to do that but it doesn't change this feeling. Tried to pick up a paintbrush, or write a poem, or write a song, or something...it's me staring at a blank canvass or page and feeling weird.


So what do you do when you aren't sure even what you are feeling, never mind what to do with it?


thanks. It feels good to just get it out there. BTW: no I don't take any drugs or meds and there is no major stress factor going on in my life now. It's just a weird state of ambiguity of feeling like one foot in one world and one foot in the unknown.

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