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I have a new job overseas, what shall I do?


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i have a new job working as an overseas rep in cyprus for the next 7 months. Me and my girlfriend have been together the past year and still yet to go all the way. Im scared becuase by the time im back, it'll be nearly 2 years since we'd got together and still not had sex. am i wasting my time? as i love her but not sure if sex will ever be on her agenda!

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She says she does andgets ready to a few times but it think shes just scared. Shes a massive worrier so it all stems down to her stress and worrying. But ive been with her long enough to know were both ready. shame im going away for a long time! but it may have to be the end of the line for us if it doesnt change before i go

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Wow... that is a tough situation. However it IS manageable if you got patience and willingness to make it all work out.


You're 22 and need to start getting established career-wise. This is a perfect opportunity to not forfeit. It will look good on a resume and open many doors into getting settled. With the economy as it is now, you can't afford to screw up.


If your girlfriend loves you she will wait. You both will make it work because you both have faith in each other. The way I see it, this is TEMPORARY and it will test your relationship. If successful your relationship will tremendously strengthen.


Please do not give this career opportunity up for a girl. Believe me, sex CAN wait. If she is THAT concerned, a vibrator can help. How do you think most military wives deal while their husbands are off in Iraq/Afghanistan/Korea/Japan/whatever for over a year? Honestly, this is only a year thing and neither of you are losing out. If she only wants you for the sex then she isn't a good girlfriend to be with. I doubt that will be the case. I say go for it.

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