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Another "should I send it?"

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I've not written it. but it's been some months now so I'm accepting it.


A poster on here some time ago, HurtfulDrew? said that he felt the need for his ex to know how she made him feel for the breakup - not with the intention of changing anything, but just to let it out.


I've not seen her since her "text" break up to our 3.5 years. I'm torn between finally saying how i feel, seeing her in person (and the possible setback that might bring in the short term)


I know what most will say, it won't change things - I dont want it to or I acccept it wont, but i do want her to realise her being so blase about things after the breakup, and correct the stupid reasons she cited (basically ALL laying blame on me) asking why i did not want to be friends etc....She does not know how she has really made me feel, given her last letter to me.


I think if i wrote something, it would not turn into an argument, i could not get heated and say things i might regret, and i could carefully consider what i wanted to say.


Just some thoughts.

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Write it but don't send it. Or send it to yourself.


If you want her to accept part of the blame for the break-up and let her know how much it hurt you then don't meet her and don't talk to her in a LONG, long time.


Actions speak louder than words.


Sending something is only going to make you more vulnerable, so, just talk to friends or relatives but don't let her know how you are feeling or what's going on with you.

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