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After 4th Date Maybe No Interest?


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I've met a new guy. Seen him four times in two weeks. I've asked what hes looking for, a relationship or FWB and his response was that we don't know each other yet and lets see how it goes. I believe thats the best response he could give me given the circumstances. I'm well attracted to him, so pretty infatuated, we think similarly, both creative and always kisses, ,hugs, holds my hand, strokes my hair etc which I find adorable. Still feel that nagging feeling that somethings amiss.


Of the time we have spent together, 1st date we had lunch and chatted (for hours) 2nd date we went to the movies, 3rd he came to my place, we drank red wine, ate pizza and watched a movie, 4th date happened by accident, I had a child free evening and text him saying so. He called and asked what I was gonna do, I said I'd prob go hang out with some friends. He said if I was leaving the house I should come to his place (he had an accident at work during the week and cant walk) I went to his and we watched a movie Seems we're forming a pattern of not much talking and movie watching. We loosely planned to go see ANOTHER movie next week. I also asked him to come watch a friend play a set at a local (to him) pub next weekend and he said if hes not busy Wouldn't he already know if he's busy? Maybe not that interested?


What I'm not understanding is, how do we get to know each other when we spend so little time together? He added me to FB and I've tried to chat to him in there but he doesn't really chat much (in real time he's very chatty so he may not like chatting online, thats cool) If I'm keen to get to know someone I want to hang with them as often as I can.


Spoke to him on FB for 2mins last night, He knew I was at home alone watching TV same as him and right now he's at home doing nothing cos he can't walk. Why doesn't he ask me over? Should I suggest I go over? I just want to get to know him better


I know this sounds messed up but I deleted his number last night to stop me sending crazy woman texts because I wanna ask him all these questions which inadvertently freak him out. I'm thinking if he wants to get to know me, he can call or text me, is that the wrong approach?


Please help?

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I know what you mean about wanting to make plans all the time...but some people just like being alone and having their own time. It seems like this guy is into you so don't jump to the conclusion that there is no interest, it just seems like you are eager to see him while he may just be happy watching tv alone.

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Thanks for you replies guys!


Some info that could shed more light is, He just got Blue Ray which he says is "hot" so he's quite happy spending time with it lol. He's very alternative, works and attends uni so he's pretty busy (thats really attractive to me) I'm a single Mum, I work, just finished a diploma and applying to uni so both busy people. When he's on FB he doesn't talk much but he's usually playing games and when I was on Zoosk a few weeks back, he viewed my profile a couple of times before we had met. I also had removed my profile before we met because I got bored with it.


He did initiate 1st, 2nd and 4th dates and I will let him come to me for the next one


I did delete his details from my phone but added them to my old phone that has no Sim card just to make it harder to instantly text him


I think I'm being silly cos I've alot of like for this guy and he's just relaxed about everything.

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