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trying to be emotionally distant and patient


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Im dating this girl who i really care for and love being around. We spend alot of time together and I really hope to one day make things serious as in being in a relationship. Only problem is I have terrible timing, shes recently out of a somewhat on and off 3 year relationship as of only a few months. I'm ready to be in a relationship after my breakup, I'm fully healed. I show her im here for her and I'm affectionate and I listen and I would do anything for her, as would she for me. Honestly I couldnt ask for a better girl. Even though shes not technically my gf she treats me way better than my ex did. My question is how do I slow down my emotions so I dont rush her? She's asked me to be patient and to not leave so I am, I dont see a reason why I would leave. Is there any advice anyone could give?

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