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Confusing ex situation


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So here's the story, I broke up with my ex last week (a week to the day in fact). I had been feeling like things were wrong for at least a month, I had told him we needed a break 3 weeks ago, but I caved and ended up getting back with him 3 days after I initiated it. All I've been able to do this week is analyze what was wrong, it comes down mostly to communication and affection. I don't feel like I can talk to him without being judged, and I don't think he understands where I'm coming from at all when I try to talk to him about whats going on with me. Also, it seems like all the physical attraction for me has died, he no longer holds my hand or touches me, or even seems interested in having sex with me more than once a month.


Although I've asked for time alone and have not initiated contact with him (save to let him know I left his belongings on his doorstep), he still tries to talk to me. He tells me he wants to be friends, that he hasn't forgotten about me and he wants to talk now without being an emotional wreck. I made the mistake of replying, and making small talk but I let him know I'm still not ready to talk. He says that he respects my wishes and wants to give me space, but still tries to talk to me.


What does he even want to talk about? Is he trying to rehash the details of why we broke up because I wasnt able to give him a clear answer before? I dont think I'm comfortable talking about that with him. Or is he just trying to stay in contact because he wants to get back together? I dont know if I want him back because I dont think he will ever change. I think eventually I will have to talk to him again, but I have no idea what to say when I do.


Has anyone been in his position who can clarify what he might mean, or can someone give me some advice on how to handle the situation? Thanks in advanced

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