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Pretty Sure She's Sendind Me Signals


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As my friend says, she's been all over me at practice recently, and she's become a lot more playful and flirty this past week, completely different than a week or two ago.


Unfortunately, this is were my shyness comes in. I don't have any classes with her or anything, and I don't really know any common ground we share, so whenever we talk, it's brief, because I can't really find much to say. What I do say, she generally finds funny, though. I'm usually better over text and FB when I'm first getting to know someone. I was trying to think of a way to get her number and my best girl friend told me just to try to arrange to do something with her, that way you get to hang and get her number.


So, how do I keep conversation and get it going and how should I go about trying to get her number?

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