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Found this article in the "Divorce" section - but it's GREAT anyway

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The knowledgable jasper01 posted this:


awesome article on relationships

Best thing I've read all year.


It's a little tricky to navigate through all seven pages. Near the top there is a "previous, next" link. And at the bottom a "click to continue"


link removed


Gotta bump this one... GREAT perspectives... I wish I read this earlier on in my relationship, so I could have been equipped... Wish I could send it to the ex so he'd get some perspective.


We weren't bad for each other, really... just got... stuck.


Sigh. Breaking NC to send a relationship article is a bad idea, yes?

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OHh! I read this article last night and it helped soo much to understand what happened in our relationship. It just finally clicked. I was happy that it made so much sense but also sad that I could point out exactly where things turned...(sigh). It was eye-openingly weird. It really is a must read.


...and Yes, blahsquared, I want to do the exact same thing! My ex really, really needs to read this. My ex has been going around in circles for years. It's really sad to see. So, I'm have the same dilemma with breaking NC.


Hey, you wanna email it to my ex and I'll email it to yours then we won't really be breaking NC? jk

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