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It's weird how she calls him so often..

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So me and my now ex [ dated for more than a year..

and throughout that year he swore off contact with one of his female cousins because she was rude to me, would call my phone at all hours only to get a hold of HIM, and last but not least, did some really messed up things trying to get in the middle of our relationship and break us up... funny how she was one of my trusted friends before that. [niice.] anyway, she used to call him everrrryday.. she'd go up to him while we were together, side by side, HUG HIM, converse with him... completely disregard the fact that i'm standing RIGHT THERE... then before she'd leave she'd invite him out to parties or what ever and leave.

But before she leaves she has to glare at me angrilly, of course.

Reminds me of a real life mean girl, just like in the movies.

I never confronted her because I've been friends with her long enough to know she's loud and ghetto and will get her sister involved [tag team] and start shouting beyond all reason... deneying any accusation. I've seen it done, this is how i know.


Anyway, so yesterday she called him even though he recently got his first cell phone and hasn’t even publicized that fact.

Apparently she’s been doing detective work to obtain his # & the fact that he deleted her off of any online profile he may have and stopped contacting her didn't get the point through. Is it me or is that CREEPY?

So he never answered the call and she texted him saying “hey primito lindo [my sweet cousin] I miss you so much happy birthday hon take care stay sweet like always… Hope you have a good one even though you’ve been acting really weird lately because of a certain something..ugh it's okay i love you lots!” o.0

I feel like she’s trying to get at him ... It’s creepy because some of the things she said

Behind my back when she was talking down on me was that I act different when I’m with him… like “spoiled” and that he focuses too much on me and that I’m like taking over his priority list and he had forgotten his cousins, bla la bla. Seemed like jealousy to me.


So the point is, I’m irritated. Should I be? I feel like a sense of betrayal from his behalf for responding to her. I got Kind of a gross feeling inside of me after reading that message…because although we’re now ex’s….we’re still together [just not holding a title] and still love each other and will eventually be together again.



Then i had a dream, one of many, in which we were all together... kind of like friends again.........and she told me she wanted to whoop my a** and i just told her off.... revealing ALL her truths which she denies..and then she understood and got over it. lol

too bad it was just a dream.


UGHHH i'm sooo irritated

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It sounds like she has a creepy obsession with him for sure. My "ick" radar went through the roof reading this.


She obviously doesn't respect you, but I wouldn't let it bother you. It doesn't sound like your...BF/EX is egging her on.


Sometimes you have to deal with people you don't want to. You can't control them you just have to let it go.

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how do i just.. LET IT GO? it's hard, i run into her everywhere.. church, mall, movies D:

it's scary when i see her i get goose bumps and then remember stuff lol


Deep breaths, and then let it flow out with your breathing. Keep in mind that it's not worth your mental energy.

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