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Im really struggling..


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hey all,

just need to post as I feel like I'm starting to go off the rails slightly..


Here's a rundown

my ex gf broke up with me about 5-6 weeks ago now so I guess things are still very raw emotionally for me anyway, but I just can't seem to get her out of my head, it's been NC properly (on her part anyway) for almost 2 weeks, I did txt a week ago to say hi (as we'd been txting previously, have a look at my previous posts) but no reply,so NC from me for a week now, guess she found hanging out with me after the split a complete mind melt just as I found it.


I can't seem to get out of the daze I'm in, I just feel lost and alone, Ive got friends that I go out with all the time, go to the gym all the time, work, chat with lots of people, funny thing is, thanks to the split I've have been able to sort out all the problems that were the cause of the break up, but everywhere I go and everying I do just seems to remind me of her...

we both work in the same building...constant reminders of us, from my workspace to the canteen to the coffee shop, even the local shops, bars, walks...all reminders, went up town to do a bit of shopping, constant reminders, seems that wherever I go there is a happy memory of us from the last 2.5 years (and this is london so it's not small) my house (which is up for sale now) constant reminder, everything is just a reminder of us no matter where I go..

I don't know what's going to happen when we bump into each other at work, work do's etc..it's going to be very very hard, for both of us, I don't imagine for one second that it's any easier for her by any means...probably why she's keeping away


I'm already looking at doing a ctrl + alt + delete on my life and getting away from my town, moving closer to work which will be London (need to really anyway) and starting kind of afresh if I can, I'm a bit excited about doing it but at 38 maybe I'm too old to just re-boot my life??

Oh what to do?? Im so lost..

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You are never too old to find new love, new people, new friends. I been though the same thing you did. A long term relationship, getting wrecked after being dumped, feeling the pain that runs though everyday.


I can tell you the pain won't go away in days or weeks. It took me over 6 months to get over a girl. The best thing to do is NC in till you are confident that most of your feelings are put away. You will never completely shut her off from your heart, but if most is gone you can move on.


A new start for you will probably be the best thing in your life for now. It will give you a new confident start. Pursue new things.


Yes, things will remind you of her, but they will start slowly disappear as time heals your broken soul. Give yourself time, that is all you need.





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