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This kinda stupid but please help me figure out a way, give me some advice

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so right now i'm hitting on this black guy from britain. and i myself am a chinese asian FOB.

we met in a political organization. he is gay and i was pretty sure at first he had a crush on me not long ago like 2 weeks ago. i didn't have feelings for him but then it just started to grow on me. now he still likes me as a friend cuz i feel like he is not afraid of me or anything but certainly he is keeping a distance from me when i try to give him hints.


now i know that the best way to make a person like myself is just to act myself. but i just screwed up so many times on this. people just like me at first and then when i am ready to tell them that i like them back, they already lose the interest.


i don't know what the * * * * is wrong with me. this time i haven't actually confessed my feelings to him and i don't wanna screw the whole thing up when i do. Please help me! should i wait longer before i tell him how i feel? what should i do before i tell him? and what should i tell him?


Please give me advise!


lost goat

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