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I feel crazy


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I have been seeing my boyfriend for almost a year. we have been living together six months...we wanted to have a baby and marry..well I am now 9 weeks pregnant.

He insists on keeping ex girlfriends that want him back and tell me he isn't going to stop . I heard him teling one baby sweetie love miss you....

He hides his phone...wont let me see.. and tells me its my fault why he needs them. that at least he isn't sleeping with them. help!


I feel crazy cuz. he said he loves me and wants only me and will quit. he has said that before..


so if I ask him he gets extremely upset and threatens to leave and to keep doing it...that it makes him angry. So, im left wondering and hurt and he is sitting pretty

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Oh hun, why are you with him? He is treating you with no respect. There a pretty good odd's he is already sleeping with at least one of them, or close to it.


He doesn't need these ex girlfriends, and not the way he is going about it either.


He got you pregnant, and this still hasn't caused him to stop. He wont either. As hard as it sounds and would be, frankly you'd be better on your own with the baby. He will cause you nothing but worry.

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