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Ex coming over in 2 hours! need advice ASAP!


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Hey guys so here is the link to my most recent thread:


Just this last Saturday my mom texted my ex about her coming over with her dog to hang out. She mentioned that I wasn't going to be home and that she misses her and the dog.


When I found out that my mom asked her my mom and I got in a huge fight about it because i don't want my ex to think I told my mom to text her or anything. Then my mom texts my ex saying im pissed at her for talking her.


I then got a text from my ex asking why im mad at my mom. I worked my way out of it by telling her im not mad at her and that I just didnt understand why my mom always has to bring me up or always bring up me and my ex. She then asks if I care if she comes over to see my mom. In the same text she also mentioned said I hope thats not the case. I told her I dont care at all and I dont know why my mom made it a big deal. Anyways she said she was sorry and that was the end of it.


So yesterday I guess my mom texted her that she misses the dog. (she did this without telling me again) Then today while im taking a midterm i notice I got 3 new texts. I checked them after the test and saw that two of them were from my ex but it was from a different number. She said hey maxo (a nickname that only she calls me) im coming over today with ellie (dogs name) at around 2 are you going to be there? Then the other text was about 15 minutes later and said its " " if you didn't figure that out already lol


I just say yah I think so and asked if she got a new phone. She tells me she left her phone at her friends house so shes using her other one. I just said you would lol. And she replies yes which is why i did haha im going to get it right now.


I left it at that and havn't said anything to her back.





So I really need advice here. First off why did she feel the need to ask if I was going to be home? Why does it even matter? Should I take this as an advantage to leave the house and not be there to show her that I really dont care anymore and that she can't have me whenever she wants? Or should I be at home and act normal and just hang out with her and see where that leads us?


I know this may seem irrelevant and I shouldn't be thinking about this at all. But I know for a fact that on her old phone there is a lot of old text messages on there saved from me. Like long love text messages that she locked because they made her feel really good. I know im getting way ahead of myself but maybe she read those recently??? LOL



As of right now I am not looking at this as any sort of hope at all. I am expecting the worse..

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I think you should keep doing what you're doing, which is hanging out and talking to her when she comes by, no serious talk etc. As long as you're doing fine with it you can continue doing that with no expectations. Who knows she may just want to be friends, but she's probably just missing having you around and having someone to talk to. Maybe next time be busy with something else though, you shouldn't see her every time she wants to come over you're being too available. Lay low after this one, but have a good time - sounds like it's not even awkward between you two which is a good thing. But since you've already told her you'll be home it's best to be there.

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So she came over and me, her and my mom just sat, talked, and played catchup for about an hour or so. One thing I noticed right away was that she seemed completely fine and seemed sooo happy. She was so comfortable at my house. It was like she never left (except for the fact that we weren't cuddling, holding hands, kissing, ect..)


So yah we all talk for about an hour or so. She then asks me about the show I have on my dvr and we go and watch it. This takes about another hour or so. After the show we all sit and talk for another hour or so. Don't know if I need to point this out but we kind of flirted by her throwing a dog toy at me a couple time. (Don't know if that considered flirting but w/e lol)


So then she asks if I want to go to a gas station to get some snacks and drinks. I agreed and we went. So we got some alone time in the car and just kept talking and catching up. There was no talk about feelings for another, asking if were seeing any1 else, or anything like that.


On the way home she says, "I'm going to tell you something that you probably not going to like." Literally right then and there It felt like my heart stopped.

She then goes on and told me she smoked pot a few times. I kind of had a disappointed tone and look on my face. I then told her that I smoked as well. This was really ironic and we were both surprised.


Anyway we get back home and talk a little more with my family for about another 20 minutes. Either her or my mom (I dont remember) mentioned watching the dog more often. On 3 certain days of the week, she stays with her friends about 45 mins away. Those would be the days my mom would watch the dog.


Also found out that she will be moving out probably within 3 months or so. She will be living right by the school and this would mean less likely for reconciling im sure.



By the way today was probably the most beautiful she has ever looked in my opinion. Meeting today has basically confirmed my decision that I am still madly in love with this girl and am willing to do whatever it takes.


So what exactly would be my next step towards reconciling?

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Well that's good, I'm not sure if there's much else you can do right now. Maybe next time decline an offer to hang out because you're busy. Show her that you've got a life outside of all this when she's not around, she is your ex afterall. She broke up with you, and I think if she was interested in reconciliation at some point she probably wouldn't outright say it to you. I think maybe she'd continue to flirt and at the right moment tell you that she misses you, or even try to kiss you. I don't know, I'm a girl but I've never been in a situation of wanting to get back together with someone I broke up with, I think for me I'd do that? Maybe it's a pride thing. It looks like she's been flirting with you though so that's a good sign. Now time to be less available, but still caring and friendly!

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