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Lass at work


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I understand there is somewhat rules to a lass at work and such, and i accept the consequences that could happen if i am rejected by her and such not. Anyway i'll get to the point now.


Well i am 19 years old, says it all. I am overweight, i have low self esteem, I dont have that great confidence either that some guys do have. Uh this lass i've known for i dunno what? like 6 months or so, now. I have gotten to know her and such, and i have strong feelings for her and such of course or i wouldnt be here.


I am that type of guy that cracks jokes, but i laugh at them, i can make people laugh with sarcastic comments, i can make a group of people having a serious conversation laugh with one word or a sentence. I can do all of those things with no problem, so i have spoke to her and cracked jokes and stuff she responds good by responding in her own jokes and laugh even though no one else does xD.


I have caught her looking at me, when she has been near me and such. ill look at her and she'll look away, She has caught me doing the same thing. We can hold strong eye contact for a prolonged period of time, we'll stare into each others eyes, and we'll keep it as we talk until she has to go finish up what she has to do. We can hold it for minutes on end,


Her eyes and body language seemed to brighten up when i've stepped into the room where she was and she'll say " hi" or look into my eyes wanting me to iniatate the conversation which more often or not i do so. I feel that she likes me in return also, but i aint sure you know? I've asked several people and they've said shes into me, but theres a bit of a problem, i think she has a boyfriend though im not too sure.


I dont have her number, i dont have her IM, I've got her added on a social network site that she never goes on at all. I see her once a week at work, but we speak alot when we're both at work, I wonder does she like me? or not. I mean even friends is good enough for me, Just some advice would be good on what i should do.



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I would start off with getting her phone number. Ask her if you can take her to grab a meal after/before work. If she has a boyfriend, she will tell you in her declining your offer. If she accepts, you can be most certain that she doesn't have a boyfriend. Do you get along with others at work? Maybe suggesting a group outing and inviting her would be a great way to get her outside of work and talking in a more casual manner.

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