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could it work this time


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well ok i have some new things goin on now but i aint qutue sure about it an i would like some adivce ok well there has been there this girl im in love with i mean totaly in love with an shes dating some one esle at this time an she texted me last night sayin that she wanted to talk about us an im like ok but ur with that guy though she says ya but i wanna be with you an then im like ok ive always bein tried of her bs from time to time so i liad the line onm her an told her my condtions i told her one i wanna bbe able to see you in skool with out ur freinds around two you have to break up with that guy an change ur sig on ur phone that talks about me an 3 when i cant talk to you dont just asume that i dont wanna be with you an go to some one esle just ask me why i couldnt talk when you get me alone with you but see thats just part one you know im still a little confused i asked her why she wanted to give up the guy she was dating an come back to me she was like its hard to explan so she told me that what she has with him isnt the same with me an her like somethings not there she told me an im like ok then he was the sweet put strange part then she said something like the reason why she always blamed me for screwing up our relationship because she didnt want to admint i was a failture to you to us an im like why didnt you tell this before she was because i was scared then i said so all those times you said u wanted to be with me you wanted to be with me but you where afraind of * * * * in it up again see all this confusein to me an im tryin to put the peices together but im havin a hard so i would really like sum advice

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