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Liking a guy friend - moving it forward


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OK, so any advice would be helpful.


I've liked this guy who I'm friends with for quite a while now but I don't think he has any idea. He is a really good friend of my girl housemate and we hang out together quite a bit, usually as a group (I'm 25, he's 30). Anyway a few of my friends knew I liked him but I had no idea how to approach it, but I hadn't told my housemate as wasn't sure how she'd react. Last Saturday one of my friends ended up telling her.


She has been great and said I should just tell him. Anyway we both support the same football team and they have an end of season awards ceremony so my housemate text him today and said "Do you want to go to the end of season awards dinner? (Me) wants to go but she needs a date, it's right up your street."


He replied straight away "ooh yes yes, definitely. When is it. Give her my number?"


So now I've got to text him to arrange it all. Obviously I'm assuming he is thinking it's as friends and this isn't a date.


I'm normally totally fine in a first date situation but given that this isn't a date I don't know how to approach it. We haven't really hung out alone before.


It sounds a dumb question but any advice would be great.



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