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So heres the story:


Currently at college, went back home for the holidays, met a girl. Dated for a month and a half, I had to leave, developed real strong feelings during that time. 3 months till I go back, been a month already.


We decided to be together while I was away and its a really relaxed relationship as we both wanted it that way. No pressure, we just talk when we talk. Mostly skype, some emails and texts every now and then.


We get along great BUT now a month in I think shes starting to get cold feet. The lack of physical touch I think, she told me last night that she feels different and that this long distance relationship is hard and she knows it would be completely different if I was actually there.


I told her to go away and think about it some more, gather her thoughts and feelings and come back and tell me what she wants to do.


Now I feel the same way but I know that it will be definitely worth the wait when I see her again.


Any words of encouragement? Im afraid.


I keep telling her 3 months is nothing... I see people have LDRs for ages.

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Here's the thing... I assume since you talked about how strong your feelings are for her ect. you're not just in this for a fling but want a long term relationship. Marriages last 30, 40 or even 50 yrs., how can you expect to make the long haul with this chic if she can't even get through the next 3 months? Not that you have to rush into marriage or anything but relationships are hard & like you said most relationships go through far worse.


Even when my now husband was far away nothing could have made me give him up.


I'm sorry, I know this isn't the kind of advice you were hoping for... I just think you should consider these things before you get any more hooked than you already are. On the chance you could spare yourself some pain.


Good luck!

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