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Some advice please on love,suicide and depression


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hey, i don't know if this is the right thread to talk about this but i need some help or opinions.


i was dumped by my ex,

she left me for someone else... how ever i managed to get over my depression after a while, or at least get it under control, i still cry when i hear a very deep emotional song or see a movie.

now she is the one depressed. she had always had simptoms, when we were together i was her "therapist" in a way. she would always talk to me about all her family and personal issues but not until after maybe two o three weeks after our breakup did she start with the whole downward spiral efect.

(she was already with her rebound)

i believe what trigged it was maybe missing me or still having feelings for me,

time passed and she started to contact me again saying she missed me, that she loved me, eventually it led to her noticing that she wasn't inlove with that guy and had no feelings for him. she said they were not even compatible and that nobody understood her like i did and how she loved me (Everything i was ever waiting to hear)

so we started working on getting back together and everytime we were together she was so happy and so was i,

turns out her rebound wasn't totally out of the picture and one day he drove to my house just to see her car there (i have no idea how he knows where i live)

i guess he texted her something or told her something,

but she that day atempted suicide...

she called me from the hospital,

her parents told me never to see her or talk to her again,

i feel they blame this on me.

she was in a mental insitution or asylum (how ever you call it)

for three days, she would call me everyday from in there....

she has been out for two days now and haven't heard a word from her.

(i know this because she posted "out" on her myspace)


what i would like to know if there would still be possible reconsilation after this?

will her meds make her forget me?

its so hard knowing now that she does love me too and wanted to be with me.


anyone that has taken meds, did it make you forget about your ex? or simply just take away the pain?


i don't know why i haven't heard from her since she is out.. however i feel it may be because of her parents.

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I have been diagnosed with depression many years ago and still suffer but not as bad. I although have not taken much medication for it, I have to work hard at it to NOT take medication. Medication, for me, does not make you forget about your ex or other parts of your life, it does helps your lows not be as low. She seems to need time and help right now. I would say, leave her alone to be able to get better and then see where it goes from there. You can't have a healthy relationship with someone who is battling such a huge sickness right now. I hope it all works out.

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well even if thats so, i do believe that she wanted to be back to me and its kinda complicated right now, i couldn't live with the fear of a person trying to kill themselves.

i actually would like to be her crutch in this case because i do love her and i want to see her better,

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