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i guess i'd rather hurt then feel nothing at all..


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WRONG SMILEY; Ignore that. idk how it clicked that WRONG ONE






going to church he made some remarks and i called him rude,

he called me annoying.

then we laughed about it...

but later that day the nagging and fussing got to a point where i found my self on the floor.

he pushed me down.. i guess i was crying hysterically and i understand he didn't want me to run out of the room, make a scene, and make an a s s of myself...BUT he pinned me down a couple of times and pushed me down plenty of times trying to prevent me from reaching the door...

i bit him... and now i look crazy for doing so but it's the only defense i have against him...


anyway so that's over now.. we had a good cry.. spent the day appart.. he called me a million times appologizing..

but there was a witness so even if we were to get back together i'd be too embarrassed to ever go back

even though it's highly tempting........i'm not used to being so alone, literally.

UGHH idk what to think


so his birthday is this week.. i have ALLLL the gifts and cake waiting there

i don't just want to throw it away.....that'd be money wasted.

should i just deliever it on his front step? i mean i do love him.. i just need to keep my distance..

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