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Body Parts on a Guy


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I'm wondering what finely tuned muscle girls find most attractive of the following:


Muscular Arms

Strong Back

Tight Bottom

Larger Chest

Shapely Legs

Broad Shoulders

Flat Stomach


I need to know what to concentrate on

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lol, true.

im not a girl but im sure when they "check us out",

they look at us as a whole.

it would be really weird for a girl to be at a party and just cheking out guys backs or arms lol,

although we do live in a world of full of diversity

those things are probably just a plus after you already got their atention

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None. I don't like the "muscle look". lol.


neither do I. I like Average to Thin guys. An attractive face is also a bigger deal to me than body. If he has a gorgeous face then I don't really care too much about body type.


Honestly, I notice hair on guys, a lot. A nice haircut can really improve a guy's appearance. Just as many men think hair contributes to a women's attractiveness, the same can be said for men as well.

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Okay, not big into the "muscle" look but I'm completely into swimmer bodies. Long, slender, and toned. Completely delicious.


I'm really big on that Tendon near the abs. The one that forms the "V". If that thing is visible and protruding...that really gets me going.


I also vote for a nice, strong back and a tight butt. And yes, I do slap my boyfriend's ass. I let him walk up the stairs in front of me and I just want to bite it.

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