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does she have no feeling with my ex other than being platonic freind


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in response i would like to ask a question.. prior to break up with me ex and i think this is just one of the major reasons of the break up with my ex...i am now in one month break up with him and we did not have yet any contact except for two exchange of good bye letter and him calling me at the middle of night crying becuase he said he put me into this painfull expereince...he wanted us to remain freinds which i said i cant. he wanted us to take baby steps and maybe email each other once a week and start there and see what happen which i responded with.. "i am not sure if that is good for us". he said he wnted to date me but be able to date others.. we are in a long distance relationship so he said he is lonely and just want some freinds to go out with but i question his one freindship to this certain woman (NOTE: he has other lady freinds that i am not threaten or worried about excepth this one) here is what it is.

If she is "just a platonic friend" is it normal for a guy and girl hanging out regularly

(note; the woman call to pay for the date expense..maybe not always but most of the time.. according to my ex..my ex told her he is broke and is saving money to move to where i live and at present he has financial issues)

So would you believe your bf if he said they are just platonic and the woman is not into him and have no one else to go out and nothing will ever happen to them..no attraction between them at all..


1. they go out for movies.. motor rides..coffee ,spent time talking in ym.. and the girl always call ..one time he asked my ex if he can go with her at a 6 days sports party and is willing to pay for the expense.. my ex turn down the offer

2. she calls when she was out of town saying she is lonely and have no other freinds to get out with..she was at another state that time ( my ex told me all this)

3. she always have an opnion regarding our relationship..trying to convince my ex is not healthy for him having this long distance relationship with me while going thru divorce.. my ex eventually kind of confused altho up to this day he swear there will never a thing between them and that i was wrong with all my suspicion and he will never be attracted to hr.. she is just a friend and nothing more.

4. she eventually get on my ex . prior to break up my ex asked me if he can add her in his fb and i said theres nothng wrong for him not to add her. NOw my ex delete me from his fb and go private on his wall.. i asked him when he called after the break up to ask me to remain freinds and i ask if he can put me back to his fb and he said no.. because see things thier that might hurt my feelings and i told him " what for, we are no longer accountable for each other andI have no right to question whatever is there in your fb.. and he got mad. and said maybe its better to totally cutt off the ties.. i was kinda surprise of his sudden change of demeanor because from a weeping sensitive guy to a angry mean man.. i was just asking to be in his face book..and that he accused me of trying to rush in back to him..i was so insulted i laught at him and make him more angry.

(sorry i got into so much details that i am lost where i am trying to point out )


So anyways we are in NC for a month . as i said except for two exchange of break up good bye letter and his one time call that i just mention about.

NOw altho he insisted theres nothing between them.. my gut feeling is that the girl is looking to hook up and just working her way to my ex. I actually think they are more than freinds alto my ex swear it will never happen.. she will neer his type.. just a person to hang out with while dealing with the issues he is in and waiting for the time he move in to where i live.

I need your opinions.. what do you think is really going on.


I hate to admit.. but as much as i hate to admit i still have feeling for my ex and miss him.. i wanted to initiate contact and start as freinds coz honestly i dont think i want us to gt back as lover like before... i guess i just wanted him around being friend or miss him being him with me like before.. i am actually confused what i wanted.. i told him i cant be freinds but now i wanted to be freinds.. what is it really? please i need opinion from you guys.. and also with the girls

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