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I met a cute girl last Wednesday, and got her email.

On Friday I sent her a note saying it was nice to meet her, and that I had just gotten a hold of a pair of tickets for a sold-out concert and if she would like to go. The concert is this Tuesday and is an artist popular with her age group (25 - I'm 35).


She replied late Friday saying it was good to hear from me and said she didn't think I'd contact her! (not sure why) She was unfamiliar with the band and was going to pass on the offer because she is so busy with work and she wouldn't want to cancel on me last minute. She added that she's always up for meeting for a drink and I should let her know when I'm free. And finally, "have fun at the concert."


So...I'm unsure of how to respond.


Part of me wants to let her know that I'm unfamiliar with the band as well (which is true, I bought the tickets to hear some new music). And, that she could let me know on Monday how work is going. But I'm afraid that could come off a bit desperate...


Or, do I just email on Wednesday, tell her about the show and try and set up a date for a drink?


Thanks for your thoughts!


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What works best usually is don't tell her any unnecessary information. Forget giving her details on the band, etc. Stay on point, a girl my age would want direct solutions.


Next response to her would be for a drink. I wouldn't plan a date, because things can fall through which could close the door potentially. Tell her your going to get a drink at X spot and she should come (when YOU are ready for a drink). I have blown it with soo many women by useless talking and communication, when all I had to do was invite them to hang out.

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