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Confused! An original work.


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Unfortunately, I'm not sure where to start. I guess, I'll paraphrase the jest. I had met this girl in my lab at the beginning of the semester and we seemed to hit it off pretty well. We'd meet up and grab lunch together and joke and laugh for hours in between classes or what. Because of her culture, I had to meet her mom before taking her out, so we had dinner together and it was a really good time.


We'd share the same thoughts and complete each others sentences.


Overall, I'd have a blast hanging out with her.


This is where, I dropped the ball. About four years ago - this time a year, I had gotten my girlfriend at the time pregnant and she sequential had a miscarriage. It was bothering me recently and I was dwelling about it and was stupid enough to tell the new girl about the story (considering we've known each other only for a short awhile.)


Her response was pretty immature, I know it's a shocking topic to throw at someone, but... I figured she'd be more... well tactful in her choice of words, regardless if she was freaked out or not. It was painful and it's been bothering me for a week or so. I told her, it's part of who I am, and has helped shape me.


I know we're both into each other, but I don't know... her immaturity really bothers me and I really regret saying anything in the first place, I don't know what to do.

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Just give it a little more time and see if she comes around and apologizes for an immature reaction. Some people just don't have a lot of life experience and they haven't learned yet how to handle certain things.


But definitely don't overlook her immaturity or give her a "pass". Stand your ground until she either comes around or goes her own way.

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