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She stopped talking to me


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Hi guys, first post here. I started talking to this girl recently and we really hit it off, we have a lot in common and she genuinely seems to have an interest in me (as in asking questions about me, etc). So I asked if she wanted to get lunch with me last thurs. The day came, and I texted her up before our arranged time and respond. I waited a bit then called her and she didn't pick up. She flaked on me. And now I haven't been able to talk to her. Is she really not interested in me?

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Need more info, but to be blunt and honest, It could be two things;


~I have learned a few things that tend to be in their DNA. When a girl really likes a guy, she wouldn't ditch out on him like this. Most girls i've met prioritize relationships. If she is truly single, her ditching out on you could mean something else.


~She could've been busy or forgot, but if you were important she would have let you know.


So based off your post, your not important to her. Now I've been in situations just like yours, all too often. In fact all my interactions with women seem to be just like yours lately;


One was, - she ended up having a boyfriend, she needed the connection with someone else to feel secured. She needed to know she had options. I was the best option however nothing was stable. She would talk to me one day, but ignore me the next week. She would beg to come over, but never show up. She would tell me how much she wanted me, but then accuse me of talking to other women. This whole time I did one thing, the best thing. I didnt react to any of it. It all went in one ear and out the other. The more I would ignore her, the more furious she became.


This all slowly built up a case of someone else. But why me? What started off with what should've been dating, ended with me getting pictures of her having sex with her boyfriend on my phone. The second I saw these inconsistencies I backed off, big time. When I backed off, she didn't want that, so she went after me more. I saw that with these games she was playing, she wasnt serious about me, but more about having the "thought" of having a guy like me, but wasnt yet "ready" to let her BF go. I defeated her system she was operating under and she didnt know what to do. Needless to say I saved alot of trouble of being used by picking up on signs like this.


The others were similar, or just seemed to not be interested, because I listened to them. Seemed too good to be true, so I became a bestie until a narrow minded guy came along.

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