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Some helpful hints needed

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I am currently changing careers and have been in the process for awhile. I was looking for an opportunity in my new career while I was doing my studies in this new field but nothing has come up for years except this week. I finally got my chance to enter this new career, the catch is that I must finish 1 last exam for my studies to enter the field. This is in my new contact and if I don't complete this last exam within 2 years I will be let go. This new career is very challenging to me and I have attempted this exam 3 times over the course of the last few years. Even though I get closer and closer to the passing mark each time I am still getting discouraged. The agency that governs this exam can soon send me a letter politely saying "please choose another career." I need to pass this exam and have been under a lot of pressure for the last few years to do so, but now even more. I am at the point that I am petrified to even study for fear of failing again, not being able to write again and being fired from a job I have longed to have. Has anyone else been through something like this and if so are there any mental distractions and or hints that helped them get over a fear like this would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for your replies in advance.

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