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Letter of Employement help

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Hey Guys,


I need some help here.


I want to write my C of Q Exam for Carpentry. I've contacted the office that deals with the exam.


I asked them what do I need to do to be elidgible to write the exam. They asked which Trade. They asked if I was an apprentice. They asked how long I have worked, etc..


Bottom line is, two things.


(1) They want a letter of employement, from my employer saying I've worked and I know the stuff.


(2) I have worked the hours (or close to the required) but I have not gotten paid for them. Well I have gotten paid for some hours but not all. My dad is in the business and I've learned everything (and more) from him.


What should I include in the letter?


This is what I have so far


Dear Someone Somebody,


Glegend is employed as a Carpenter for xxxxx. He has been employed for more than 3.5 years, since January 2006.


He performs the following duties:


Framing, Interior Finish, Exterior Finish, and Concrete Work.


Glegend is a valuable employee, and his prospects for continued employment and advancement with xxxxx are excellent.


Please contact me directly should you require any further information.








xxx xxxx


Should I maybe get my uncle (who is also in the construction business) to say I learned from him? Just so they don't suspect anything.


You see I need the C of Q for Carpentry so I could get my Renovators licence. It's not required by my city, but if I don't have one then I have to do an oral examination in which I fear for. I fear they are going to ask me some hard questions, that I will not be able to answer or I will answer wrong due to feeling pressured. But if I do an written exam, its much easier for me. If I do poorly on the oral exam, I get a limiation on my licence saying "all work to be sub-contracted". Basically, if I get this paper saying I have a C of Q then I just show the City of Toronto it, and I get my licence no problem and no oral exam. At the end of the day, even if I get a restriction I will still do the work that needs to be subcontracted on small jobs myself.

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