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How can i help?


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So to keep things short,

the person i love is in an mental institution.

she is depressed.


she has been calling me since she is there,

we haven't talked much

but i told her i am here for what ever she needs.

i told her she could call me when ever she needs, that i would take the calls and pay for them,

because she says that she can talk but it costs.


i just wanted to know,

i dont wanna talk about her situation anymore,

i don't wanna talk about that place...


what are somethings i can say to cheer her up??

what should i talk about?



has anyone ever been depressed?

what would you like to hear?

what were things that cheered you up??

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yeah i just hope she calls again,

this morning when we talked i tried to make small talk

i asked her what she was doing awake so early and how the food was,

then we kinda talked about what had happened and that place

i dont wanna talk about those things anymore.

i wanna talk about things to distract her from all that





she is my ex girlfriend...

i still love her.


part of me is affraid to help her get better and then she'll move on to someone else.


but i wanna be here for her.

i wish i could do more,

but i can't

i know she has feelings for me too, she told me so a week ago before going to that place,

im afraid her meds might change that or tha her therapist will tell her to not see me or make her see i am not good for her.

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This depression disease is an awful terrible thing to deal with to live with everyday.


You are a great friend to be there when she needs you. Conversation may lean towards what shes going through and all because at the minute thats all she knows.


Do you think your a bad influence? Was she depressed before she met you? I would say that if your able to have conversations with her being in the hospital then you probably dont have anything to worry about.


Please note that she may be differant, act differant even feel differant when she starts and continues to take her meds. You may find that you dont have as much in common. I dont think shes thinking along the lines of finding someone "better" than you. I think she is trying to find herself. Not saying that you guys wont be together after she gets out.


Have you talked to someone about being with a depressed person? This is a great site for dealing with those kinds of feelings, I know I put my husband through hell all the time, not meaning to sometimes not even knowing Im doing it.

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well she always had simptoms but never led to anything this big,

she has had a very hard childhood, and a lot of personal problems.

when we were together i was her "therapist" in a way,

she would always tell me about her past and parents...


after we broke up, around two weeks or three is when it all started.



i don't think im a bad influence how ever i think i might of been part of the problem...


we broke up and she left for another guy,

after 2 weeks of begging i gave up and started to ignore her,

she started to miss me,

then she started to say she still loves me until she ended up saying she wanted to be with me again,


so i guess it might of been because of so much pressure,

or because she missed me and still loved me.


she told me everyone had pressured her into going into that new relationship.

she said she didn't find the way to break if off because even thou she didn't have feelings for him that he was a nice guy and didn't diserve to be hurt...

and that she felt obligated to be with him and that he was obssesed with her.


we were working on getting back together and everything was happy, until one day she came over and her "rebound boyfriend" i guess followed her to my house, he saw her car in my parking, then texted me "shes all yours"

i guess he texted her too, then after a while she left said she had things to do...


we were so happy that day and had plans for the afternoon.

which is when she called me from the hospital =(


she has been out now for two days but i haven't heard anything at all from her since...

i found out because of her myspace status said "out"

they don't have access to computers in there.

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Im sorry your going through all this, its hard having the depression but I can imagine loving someone that has it. Im on the othe side if you know what I mean.


It sounds like she still has some growing up to do, esp with the relationship part of her life. I didnt ask what age range your in? I know when I was growing up I had the same tendencies, you know you dont miss something until its gone. I didnt want that person but I didnt want to see him with someone else either, which is childish, now I know.


You said your like her therapist? Are you one of those people that want to rescue everyone, makes you feel good to be wanted, needed. Watch out for that, you will pick up some bad people that will take advantage of you.


I would say sit and think, Do I really want to be in this relationship? Is this relationship making me happy? Do I get back from her as much as I give? If you answer yes, then try all that you can but dont be stomped on in the mean time. Good Luck

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yeah well i do like to help out people but honestly i had never been that way with anyone else, me and her had a very strong connection and she still admits that no one understands her like i did,

i've had time to think, she left me two monts ago and the truth is i was better with her.

i am 19 going on 20,(her too)

i don't know, honestly i do think she still loves me and did wanted to be back with me again, i mean i would understand that not wanting to let go of someone but in her case i think her rebound might of been that person.

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