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Now what to do!?

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I posted a blind (meaning no pic) ad on the site a few months ago... you can read what I posted elsewhere in this exbf forum site.


He added me as a favorite today. He does not know it's me.


Do I tell him it's me right off the bat?! I'm refusing to pay for the email ability service. But I can wink at him. Which would allow him to respond back and then I could email him.


Feels gamish. I'd rather just write him at his email account and let him know straight up.



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After thinking about it some more, and looking at the women on that site...


only 1, is 6'1" blah blah blah ... at some level, he had to know it "could" be me...


I wrote him a fun, short email letting him know.


He has not blocked me on the dating site, nor has he responded to my email.


Dear God... I'm a nervous ninny...

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