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Alright so I went into the doctor on Sunday because I have had my period for 16 days. She told me that I was having a miscarriage. I didn't even know that I was pregnant.


My ex and I have been broken up now for about a month, and I decided that I should call him on Sunday to tell him what my doctor said. ( we had plans to hang out the next day, to go to a movie and I really needed someone to talk to and so I called him.)


He was extremely supportive. He told me that he was here for me 100%, that he was sorry I had to find out alone, he even asked if I wanted him to come over ( I didn't) and so on. He also said that if I happened to be pregnant, that he would have supported my decision 100%.


So we got together on Monday and he took me to a movie, and that was the first time we have hung out where we didn't talk about our relationship.


I'm really confused. He keeps talking about future plans, but without making commitments. For example, I watch this show on the CW that's called Vampire Diaries. It starts again March 25th, so on Monday he mentioned that my show was starting up again and that he was going to Tivo it for me.

I don't get it!! We're not together!! I don't go over there to watch TV! WHy is he sending me sooo many mixed messages?


He also has his stupid iphone, and he plays this words with friends game, and it's like scrabble and you can play against friends, and on tuesday he asked me what my mom's user name was so he could play against her, and they have been playing that game ever since!!


How do I get him to come back into a relationship with me? Whenever i bring it up he just says he has stuff he has to figure out in his life and BLAH BLAH BLAH. It's like Okay... well I'm not going to wait around forever for you! *even tho i would...


pls help

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I'm sorry for your loss.


The best way to get him back is to not need him. Work on making yourself happy and complete without him. Improve yourself. Do what you've always wanted to do. Take steps to make your life better. Once you reach that point, if he joins you, great. If he doesn't, you have made yourself a better life.


Plus, if you're not needy or clingy, it makes you more attractive.

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He seems really supportive and caring in some ways then completely weird in others. Talk about mixed messages. All I can say is to try little to no contact with him. Go out and have fun, and let him see that you are okay without him. Usually guys like that just need to see what they are missing and to know that you won't be at their beck and call. It is always when you start moving on with your life and getting other interests that they come back.


I am sorry about your misscarriage. That must have been so shocking, scary, sad and a million other things all at the same time. Good luck with everything.

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