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His mom called me crying

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[prior posts will explain the situation more. live in boyfriend moved out about a month ago]


i woke up to a phone call today from his house number. his mother called me and asked me if she knew who had reported her to housing [she's on section 8, which to folks that don't know, is kinda poor/disabled people reduced living] the catch is that you can't have anyone living with you under section 8 who makes an income, and you can lose it if you fraud the system and house someone.


WHEN my boyfriend moved out, he stupidly moved back in with his mother despite knowing she was on section 8. someone apparently made an anonymous phone call to the housing hotline and she will be investigated and possibly lose her housing over him living there over the 2 week limit. i'm sad and don't know what to do. she told me she loved me about five times, and that she was sick over the mess that he had been making for himself [including dating the 17 year old]


she told me that she had asked him if he still loved me and he had said yes, but that he couldn't date me right now but "maybe in the future" she told me that she told him it was sick to keep me waiting, and that she didn't understand what was going on with him as of lately, especially his mental state.


so i'm providing proof of the fact that he was living with me for the past 3 years... ONLY for her. because i love her, and don't want to see her in any trouble over her sons mistakes. he now has to find a place to stay immediately. i'm wondering if he's going to come crawling back to me.


i can't say right now that I wouldn't take him in, strictly for the fact that I don't want him to be homeless. i do care about him and think he's going through some manboy crisis. i couldn't take him back after this, so it'd have to be strictly on a room-mate situation which would be very awkward.


he's * * * * ed up so much.


in debt


now ... REALLY homeless.



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Stay firm and tell him No if he asks to move in. You are only providing proof of him living there for his mom. If by any chance his mom asks you if he can move in with you, you are going to have to tell her no. I doubt she will ask, but its possible.

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It's a pretty tough situation that he and his mom are in, but that's a situation for he and his mom to figure out. If you let him stay with you, you'll be enabling a bad situation and bringing the bad mojo onto yourself. Let them deal with the tough times on their own. Stay away.

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