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Not again....


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Well me and my ex have been hanging out for the last few weeks after having gone out for 7 months and her leaving me for another guy. The lat few week have been incredible, we have both been beyond happy and just better then wev been in a long time.


We spent almot everyday together texting constantly and spending most of the afternoons together....both of us wer erly into it but secretly knew there was something missing.


Tonight we talked and decided to just be friends even though we both feel more...


idont know if i made the right decision and i need hlep, im crazy about her and the only hesitations i had wer ebecause she left me for that guy quite some time ago. Just when im with her i know i dont want to be with anyone else, what sohuld i do?


Even after we talked and decided to not contact eachother so much so that we could remain friends she texted me caually saying good night...


should i move on? to be honest ever since our first relationsihp shes the only girl iv ever wanted to be with, its been over 2 years. I just dont know how to get over her


sorry for ranting on but its late and i cant sleep


if anyone could help in any way id lvoe some advice

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Why did you agree to be only friends if you both have feelings for each other? If you want a relationship with her, you should let her know. How awful would it be if while you guys are "friends" she starts dating a new guy? I think you should perhaps discuss your relationship one more time. It would take a lot of working out the problems of the past relationship, especially her leaving you for someone else. But if its what the both of you want, it could work.

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I think it was for the best that you guys have decided to just be friends. It can only end badly. For a start, there is the trust issue. She has already left you for someone else, which means she was missing something in the relationship with you. You have already said that there is something missing between you. In my opinion, if you stay together, she will end up leaving you for the next guy that takes her fancy.


Yes you are feeling these things, because you never truly stopped loving her and haven't properly gotten over her. I also think that staying friends will be difficult for you both too and will be bad for your healing process.


Move on and find someone new that is fulfilled by you.

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