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When did you stop thinking of your ex sexually?

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I still think of my first SO every now and then despite the fact that I would never in a million years want to revisit that relationship. As far as my most recent ex, I probably won't stop thinking of her until I've moved on to another relationship

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Weird, I never thought of exes when I became inlove with the partner, it never crossed my mind apart from the very early stages of adjusting.


Thinking of the ex with another partner is a KILLER! One of those thoughts that definitely need to be disgarded asap. But even trying to think of myself with another partner..even that is weird. I still try though so to break the associations.

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Your ex was not just someone you met briefly, or barely knew anything about. It's hard to go from an intense all encompassing connection with someone... to square one. If you had a crazy sexual/spiritual/mental/emotional/whatever connection with your ex, it's going to take a long time before you can replace that or before you get to a point where you can put it out of your mind. Maybe the advice of getting over someone by getting under someone else (or on top, if that's your preference ) is valid. I just think if you're still thinking about him/her in a way that dominates your mind, then that's a sign you are still healing. We are scared to be alone, but THIS is the time when we learn the important lessons we can sometimes miss in a relationship. Don't be in such a hurry.


I think if you're not feeling it with anyone you meet, or if the thought sends you into a flurry of memories or visions of your ex with someone else, just wait. Be patient and allow the natural course to flow. One day you'll meet someone who pushes your buttons in just the right way like your ex used to, and it will feel right, and you will connect.


That's my hope anyway. Let me know if it works out for you, just so I can keep my hope alive.

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I actually really dont think of her sexually all that much anymore. And its now been 6 and a half months.


The sex was good for the most part and other than one other experience she really was the only person I have ever been with so when I think of sex, its her.


However, about a month ago, I found some naughty pictures that I had missed when I went through originally and deleted everything and they just didnt really do it for me. It was like looking at a stranger.

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