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Ok, me and my ex-gf broke up at the end of january. She ended our relation.

The first week I tried to get her back without succes. Afther that we had some weeks of NC and some weeks of LC (talking on msn about once a week).


So last sunday I wrote her a letter to inform how she was doing in her new house and how a family member who was/is very ill. But she didn't respond, and I know she read the email the same day. And last monday I accidently sended her a facebook invitation, I was new on facebook and invited all my msn friends, so that was a mistake perhaps. But I'm curious what she will do with the invitation though.


In the past, during our relation, she often came online at special hours to have a nice conversation with me on msn. Now she still comes online every day at those hours but doesn't say anything. And I don't feel like initiating the conversation since she doesn't reply to my email.


The saying nothing on msn has been going on for a while, our last conversation was 1,5 week ago...she initiated the conversation back then


So what should I do? I really hate being online on msn without me or her saying something. Should I block her so that she will write me back someday?

I really like this girl and would like to have her back so much.


Hoping for some replies

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Why did she end the relationship?


It sounds like she doesn't want to talk or even communicate at this point. It's going to eat you up if you keep checking and being online to know her wherebouts. I would personally stay away and block her and keep NC.

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I'm really sorry about your situation but i have to be honest here. Your analysing this whole thing way way to much. step back for a second. You guys broke up and your trying to figure out why she no longer initiates or talks to you as freqently on msn. It pretty much a straight forward thing of she simply doesn't want to.

As for the facebook thing, again, your getting caught up in the whole thing and looking tomuch into it. so you added her by mistake big deal, it was a mistake so who cares if she accepts or ignores it.

You need to relax and stop thinking about it all so much and step back.

I hope this help


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Well she said she broke up with me cause we differ too much. But I think she wasn't ready for a real long term relationship yet. When we were together she never wanted to go out, and now she almost goes every weekend, so thats kind a weird either. We differ 11 years in age btw, she is 23.


We've been in no contact before but that would give her extra time to meet other guys and forget about me Thats why I sended that email, in the hope she would invite me to check out her new home she moved in about 2 weeks ago. But sadly no reaction on the mail yet.


I know I probally should forget about her, but I assume she thinks a lot about me as well, considering she was the one starting the msn conversations the last weeks and she appears online on msn at our past chat hours.

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It's probably healthy for you in a long term to cut ties with her for now. It must be painful but if she's not going out of her way to contact you, it's a sign that you need to let her go; otherwise you'll only be hurting more especially when you see her online anywhere.

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okay here is an update..


Yesterday she initiated a msn conversation after 8 days, saying sorry she didn't reply to the email. She told me she is going on holiday this july with a group of friends, including a guy she met only days after she left me. So I guess he is the rebound guy.


I asked her how her love life was, and she told me it was fine. The she asked me how mine was, and I told her that I still care about her and haven't been dating yet. Which is the truth. she said 'oops' and was quiet for a while (couple of minutes), and she responded that I will come over it.


So I dunno what to do right now.. I really think that new bf is a rebound guy cause he is the opposite of me (as far as I understood) and she met him only days after we broke up. Though I don't wanna hear things like she is going on a holiday with him and that she is having busy weekends and likes going out.


So I can do 3 things, but I don't know what's best..


- I can write her a 'good luck with your life and enjoy your holiday' and delete her from msn but keep her on hotmail so that she can mail me.


- I can write how I really feel about her and that I'm hoping she comes back to me.


- I keep going on the way I'm doing now, having contact once in a while.. hearing those things that make me jealous.


So any advice on this will be appreciated.

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I would stop talking to her.


You might be right when you say this new guy is a rebound guy but she's made it clear that he is who she wants to be around.


There isnt much point in telling her your feelings, you made yourself very clear on MSN. If she felt the same way she would have told you then. Instead she encouraged you to move on.


The best thing you can do is look after yourself and move on.


A lot of us have been in your shoes. Its rough, it sucks, it hurts but thats how things are. I'm really sorry to hear you've got to deal with it though.

All the best xx

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