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Ex came to my work. I'm trying to stay on track

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She legitimately needed to do a business transaction at my work, but my company has a dozen other locations that she has been using since we broke up. It was the second time I've seen her in 6 months.


She looked very good. She first caught my eye because I thought it was a different hottie that walked in, then I saw her face and it was my ex!!! I noticed she was undeniably dressed up, most likely on purpose. I was on the phone for the majority of the time she was there, typical flush n anxiety feeling ensued, and we just exchanged Hi and Byes. Then later in the day she texted me a business related question. I replied w/ a short answer and that's it.


My biggest challenges are the physical attraction and staying off her Facebook (I have my friend's password, sry to some of you I know this sounds like a broken record). I guess I'm just getting today's experience off my chest here. If you have any thoughts, please share. Even though she did too much damage for me to take her back in the winter (she's still w/ other guy... her previous ex, now bf), but I'm still so attracted to her and just wish I could read her mind and see what she's thinking...


I just hate that she looks so good. I've been looking my best ever too but didn't feel at my best since I was wearing the usual work attire. But I guess none of this matters.

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I feel like this MIGHT be a HUGE test/crossroads that possibly leads me to the promise land at this point in my breakup process (7 months). I can take the blue pill (Matrix reference) and A) give into the Facebook urge, check it, and possibly get setback and probably have another urge in a few weeks. In that case, when will it end??? or B) Take the red pill and keep going like a truck that will not stop moving forward. It's difficult for me to do this all alone. This is why I am here. Thanks.

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Is she just teasing you?


Is this the same girl from this post?


If so beauty means nothing without quality. What if you were to meet another woman just as beautiful as her but had all the qualities you desired in a woman? You probably won't even look at your ex twice.

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yea same person, the only one since i've been a member here. i dont know what she's trying to do...that's why i'd like to know what she is thinking.


i just know so many guys fall into the trap of looks and sex -- and many women seem to know and use this to her advantage. i have not stumbled once. never took her calls or met up w/ her even though i've always wanted to sleep w/ her again, but it's still an ongoing test, process, challenge, whatever you want to call it.


the things I miss seem to be mostly physical attraction/sex and memories/companionship, not love. but it is still hard seeing this person i was with everyday for 3-4 years. especially knowing she's with someone else.

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Get off of facebook! Ask your friend to change your password and never tell you the new one. If you have one yourself delete her as a friend and hide everyone who's posts she might comment on. If this is too hard, give a friend your password and ask them to do this for you. Seriously, facebook will only set you back in healing, its best not to know what she's up to all the time.

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