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I've been talking/dating a girl since about November of last year. We started off great, possibly too great. She lives accross the state, 5 hours away, so we only see each other a few times a month, but we do chat often during work hours. Anyway, long story short, just yesterday when we're chatting I bring up something about the weekend before when we all went camping. I asked her why it is she didn't say hi when I approached and said hi, and instead walked off. Before she had a chance to reply, I said, "I thought you were mad or something". Now, I was leading into a light-hearted, and admittedly bad joke saying "then I realized that you didn't even know it was me cuz it was so damn dark" and was going to reference some things that went on after that. But before I could, she got extremely defensive and said "What? I was talking to everyone. It was dark and I couldn't see who was who, and I was bringing stuff in". Before I could say, yeah I know I was just busting balls, she says "why are you so sensitive? You always read too much into things".


This changed the entire pace of the conversation. I responded and told her I just messing around and there wasn't anything meant by it. She went on to say "ok, sorry for calling you out but I feel like I am always being analyzed by you. I feel like I have to be careful what I say or do around you." I asked a little more about it but it was time for her to go and said we could talk about it more at another time. (we haven't spoken since. She's made no attempt to contact me on IM today at work)


Anyway, its obvious that something isn't right and that I somehow have caused her to feel this way. I'm not an angry person at all, so I'm assuming she means she has to watch what I'll say for fear that I may look too deeply into what it means "to me". What ever, I'm not trying to figure out what she means, thats something I'll have to have a talk with her about when she's ready to talk to me about it.


My question is, do you think at this point in a dating/relationship building stage, that its over?


Women, are her feelings for me gone? Been jaded?


I'm thinking I'm just going to back off completely and wait for her to talk to me. We have SOO much fun together, I can't imagine that she feels this all the time. And if so, why would she continue to hang out with me?


Thanks in advance.

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So letting this sit in my mind for the past day has me thinking, and I think I already know the answer. For her to say this to me means she reached the point of no return. She was probably holding out, hoping that maybe it would go away, but couldn't do it anymore. I think this was her way of letting me know she's not too keen about the idea of us anymore.


So I'm backing off. I'm not gonna initiate any conversations for a while. I gotta think about how things were when my ex broke up with me over two years ago - I just need to have little to no contact. It won't be that hard with this one, its only been about 6 months (6 wonderful months ) But I guess that's just the way things go sometimes when you realize you're not compatible.


So I take my pride, and walk away with head held handsome. Maybe this distance will let the dust settle and her and I can be the good friends we were starting off to be, without any expectations. Then who knows what could happen.

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