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Just "broke up" with a "possible rebound"

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So this girl has been a friend of mine for over 5 years and i always knew about it but she was always a friend of mine and thats what i saw her as.

After my tough break up 3 months ago she was always around me, really helped me, and we even got intimate, which felt weird, perhaps because i got used to my ex. So for 2+ months she started to feel more and more like my girlfriend, calling me honey, baby, wanting to spend time together and stuff.

for the last month i got a bit cold to her since i realized that we are not compatible as a couple, although she is very attractive, i didnt feel satisfied at all when it came to intellectual part, as a friend we could always talk about gossopis, relationships, small talks and stuff like that.

But i just think that this cant keep us interesting talks for a long time (the thing that i liked about my ex is that she was really into psychology,philosphy and medicine, my favorite subjects, so we would have really interesting conversations for hours).

The reason i didnt stop it up until now was because she was helping me by being with me all the time, supporting me and perhaps the sexual part, so it was really hard to leave so much support when I really need it.

So despite of her being a backbone of my healing process after the break up, I decided that ultimately it would hurt us both much more because if we would turn a couple, I really do not think that the relationship would last for long enough, and then i will lose a good friend, just like i lost my ex who used to be a good friend of mine for over 6 years and a lover for a year.

So I just told her that im not ready for a relationship and she got really offended and hurted, which i can understand, I dont know if she ever gonna talk to me... we will see...she told me that whenever she feel like it she gonna call me...

The feeling is pretty bad... I feel like i already lost a friend and my net support in this healing process.... but I guess its better now than in a year from now through another hard break up... I reall hope that she will forgive me...i dont want to lose her as a friend...but you know what they say...sex ruins friendships... got to test it on my own skin.

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She's been there for you but you're comparing her with your ex which isn't fair to this girl who's supporting you.


I understand that you're probably not emotionally ready for her but try to find the good traits rather than comparing or trying to fill that void that you lost. It'll never work out with any girl otherwise.

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