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The Ballad of the Comeback Kid


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Ok, I'm no kid (36), but I like the song... even though the lyrics don't really apply.


Firstly, I want to publicly journal as a way to challenge myself, and be accountable.



Backstory here:


Starting point (what I've lost, where I am)

  • Clearly, unequivocally, indisputably coming out of the lowest 4 month stretch of my life.
  • Wife left me for a 21 year old 4 months ago
  • 5 months ago, I lost every possession I had due to some bad decisions on my part
  • Also, I lost my apartment in Brooklyn, NY... a place I love and miss dearly
  • I moved back in with my parents in Tennessee, a place I don't want to be
  • I have no car, little income, and (seemingly) little hope.
  • I have no confidence, no game.
  • I am still not in ideal physical shape despite what you may read below.
  • I know it isn't a competition, but wife has already found a good job in NYC, and is close to living her old life with her new bf. Meanwhile, I'm stuck in this vortex of hell!


Good things I have

  • My 12 year old daughter
  • My intelligence and skills at writing software
  • A family that loves me and will support me through this
  • A group of good friends who help do the same
  • A 60 pound weight loss since Dec 1 09!
  • Motivation!


What I want to accomplish

  • To completely change my mindframe. To again find happiness in daily activities. And, most especially, to use this happiness as a way to brighten my daughter's life even more than it is right now.
  • To get into the best physical condition of my life (I need to lose about 30 more pounds of fat, and build muscle)
  • To release several software projects within the next few months. To make enough money by this summer to get my own apartment.
  • To completely and totally heal from all of the devastation of the past few months.
  • To get a car.
  • (the toughest one) To move either back to NYC, or another exciting city.
  • To get divorced
  • To meet another girl I can have a real relationship with.


So, I'll update this every few days with progress. Hopefully this journal can transform (along with me) to something inspirational at the end!


How I'm feeling today Mildy sad. Somewhat doubtful I can pull this all off.

Highest weight 290 lbs (yeah, I know!!!!) 12/1/09

Current weight 230 lbs 3/15/10

Total weight lost 60 lbs

Current software projects making money 1

Level of income compared to what is needed 10%

Car? Nope

Apt? Not even close

Location? Tennessee

Dating? Still not divorced. N/A

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