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Hard to get aroused..


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Over the years, my sex drive has been decreasing. I started masturbating at 13 and used to go at it at least twice a day. About 6-7 years ago, it decreased to just once a day, tops. As of about a year ago, I barely am in the mood to do it but once every 2-3 days.


Lately, though, even if I'm in the mood and want to, I can't seem to get aroused to do anything. When I had a gf, I did not require porno to get it up. Even just fantasizing about her was enough. But, since it's been so long, I have been watching pornography as a means of visual stimulation.


I decided recently to delete my porno collection on my computer because I didn't really want it. But, now I can't seem to get aroused without it. After a few days, I started trying to find porn on YouTube clone porn sites, but I can't find anything that I'm really into. I am even thinking about re-downloading the collection of videos I used to have, just so I can have something that will stimulate me.


I've never really had problems getting it up before, so I'm starting to worry about it. I'm still young, so I think it probably is just the type of stimulation that's the issue. If so, I know having a real gf again will be all the stimulation I need.


Do you think I could have erectile dysfunction at my age? Or, maybe desensitization to most pornography has caused this recent problem? Or, maybe even something else? Any tips on this situation will be helpful. Thanks in advance.

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I'd suggest desensitisation. I think it can be a common thing amoung those people super addicted to porn, they need more and more different and extreme types to get off.


Why don't you try not to do the one handed Mumbo for a while. Try to hold out as long as you can. Try to not think about your need to do it and what you used to use to do it.

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You could go to your doctor and get your testosterone levels checked. Is it your sex drive in general or just your ability to 'get it up' and 'get off'?


I'm no expert on the matter, but it could be that chronic mood might effect things or stress/chronic stress or tiredness. This does not mean sex drive is gone forever, it might be just a phase.


You could look at trying to boost testosterone naturally. If you think this might be necessary. Google this and quite a few ideas will come up. Here are a few things that naturally boost testosterone:


- Avoid grapefruit and licorice (although i've read mixed ideas about licorice - some says it increases sex drive and others say it lowers it - it's talking more about the herb than the candy). Don't drink or eat a lot of soy. Don't drink a LOT of beer (if you drink some go more for the dark beers as they have more nutrients). All these foods put excess estrogen (female hormone) into your system and decrease testostrone balance.


- If you're overweight try and lose some as this can boost testosterone. Exercise also boosts testosterone.


- Get plenty of good nutrients. Zinc is really important for testosterone. Take a supplement. I personally believe in taking both full range of good quality mineral and viatmin supplements. If you're in America, you're lucky - go to beyond health website - their supplements are probably great. (Im in NZ so the postage has been a bit expensive from the US for me - although I've still got them in mind.) Eat lots of fruit and veges - particularly broccoli and cauliflower, both red and white meats, wholegrains. These all boost testosterone.


(Scuse spelling if it's bad)


You could try some other sort of stimulation like sex roleplay and stories. The website Literotica is very good for that.


Look up Dr Lin's website if interested. However, his stuff is very involved and might blow your mind a bit. Googling more generally might find lots of interesting stuff.


I sometimes contact experts on the site 'Ask an Expert'. There are experts there on almost every topic and I know there are some on erectile dysfunction and stuff.


Have you thought about trying some sex toys? Herbal sex products? You can buy anything online now from quite reputable stores.


I'll also private message you an idea.


Good luck.

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