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Confused on my feelings for her


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I need some advice, and I am going to be completely honest.


I met a girl 6 months ago, who I have been dating since. I see her 1x a week, on a rare occasion 2x a week. She lives over an hour away. I am a pretty sexual person, but for some reason...I am not that sexually attracted to her. Sometimes I want to, but most of the time...I do it because she wants to...I view it almost as an obligation. This wasn't alway the case, it has been going on for the last 2 months or so. I think she has a beautiful face, but am not so into the fact that she's a bit on the chubby side...not fat, and not heavy...just a little chubby. Call it superficial if you will, that's how I feel.


I've seen pictures when she was thinner and she was beautiful, she still is, but I just wish she looked like she did back then.


I really do care for her. Its only been 6 months, but she is the girl I have been with the longest. I have dated girls and gotten bored of them, but I have grown to care for this one.


I don't know if what I feel for her is care as "care for in a relationship" or "care for her as a friend" but I dont want to hurt her feelings.


She doesn't even suspect I feel this way at all. She thinks everything is going fine.


Advice, comments, suggestions...

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First thing is first, I think you need to figure out if you're interested in this girl as a platonic friend or soemthing more. If she was to maintain a casual friendship with you but fell in love with someone else, how would you feel?

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