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She likes me, i like her... She has a boyfriend


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There is a girl who i know through friends (mel), and i think she is really good looking. Last year i found out she thought the same, and at a party i asked her out but she had a boyfriend, we spoke for a bit afterwards i was told she wanted to stay friends. I didnt want that so i stopped talking to her. They broke up in this time of us not talking and she met a new guy.


She came to my party last week and i got ridiculously drunk and asked her out again (i dont remember doing it). My brother in laws put in a good word last week for me but she said she has a boyfriend. I was told by my brother in laws that she was interested though.


When i found out i asked her out, i spoke to her the next day because i didnt remember a thing, she was really good about it and we laughed it off. She messaged me later in the day saying "I saw on facebook we had a photo together, boyfriend."


Now while this was all going, ive been really badly hung up on a girl at my work who also is taken (previous posts will show this). So i went to another party yesterday (in an attempt to get over the work girl). I put hardly any effort into dressing up and i nearly didnt go.


So i went and hung out with my mates, and then mel turned up. Now at this stage i was thinking get me out of here, well thats the clean version anyway, it was still embaressing what i did (i also stripped to my underwear at my party). I had no idea she was going to come, but then i thought she is here now i may aswell face the music.


I went straight up to her and said hi and she said "Hey boyfriend." We laguhed and talked about what happened for a bit then chit chat and eventually she said "can we be pretend boyfriend and girlfriend for the night?" i agreed, so we introduced each other as partners to some people, i bought a few drinks for her, we danced, we flirted.


Now i wasnt drinking, but she was, and i was happy because i was funny and witty and she was loving it. Anyway later in the night she said to me "I like you. But i have a boyfriend." i said to her "Its ok" she then said "i could cheat on him, im joking, im joking." i told her im not going to anyway becuase ive had it done to me before. So we hung out for alot of the night.


During the night one of her friends came up to me and we chatted about mel. She asked if i thought mel was leading me on. i said no, im interested in her but i dont like her.


At the end of the night we were sitting out the front talking, and mel said to me " i really like you, i wish i met you earlier so we could go out." i shrugged my shoulders. and she said "thats not a good reaction!" i then said "No its not like that but the fact is you do have a boyfriend and we didnt meet earlier, so what can i do? If in the future your not together then we will go out." She was happy about that.


We were all talking as a group later and she said "We should all go out for lunch."


So we all hanging out the front for a few hours and she held hands with me for like 1 minute then stopped. She later hugged me from behind for a minute, then stopped. She was waiting for her boyfriend to pick her up in this time, so maybe thats why she was doing it.


So one of her friends was being a drunk idiot and did not want to go home with mel so i went to go and get the friend while mel got her boyfriend to meet me on the street with the friend. I got the friend in the car, shook the boyfriends hand, and off they drove.


I messaged her later saying "Thanks for saying bye!" she replied saying "hope you got home ok, im so sorry i was sorting everything out." Then sent another one saying "P.S Goodnight, have a good sleeep."


So the good news is, because of last night i have taken a huge step towards getting over the girl at my work.


Now its obvious this girl is interested in me, but i dont really know what to do. I want to be around, but not too much that i get friend zoned. Im not looking to break them up, because like i said i have had it done and i refuse to do that. But i dont want to loose the ground i have made. Any ideas?? or should i just ask her to coffee?

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>>She likes me, i like her... She has a boyfriend


Or, 'You like her, she likes flirting... end of story'


She's enjoying the attention and she's a terrible flirt. This girl may be interested in EVERY guy who pays attention to her because she likes the attention. Terrible flirts say those kinds of things to everyone because they suck up the attention and like feeling their 'power' when it comes to attracting other people.


And she may like you, but she obviously likes her boyfriend more or she'd break up with him. She's just not available, and don't assume because she's a flirt that this will go anywhere.


What you should do is tell her if she ever breaks up with her boyfriend to call you, but otherwise if she says she's got a boyfriend then you're wasting your time. She may let you buy her coffee for the next century, but if she's still got the boyfriend, you're just wasting your time/money.

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Basically you're getting over one girl with a bf, only to increase your attraction to a different girl, also with a bf. Sooo that's probably not working out so well for you!!


I'd try finding a new, single girl to flirt with.

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It is not obvious that she likes you, just to make that clear.


She's messing with you, and I think you should find someone else. She's been through two guys since you've met her. She's not faithful to her current boyfriend, so odds are if you two were to date, she would not be faithful to you either. She's immature and she likes the attention, and unfortunately you've fallen for it. It happens to everyone, but you just need to get away from her. Find someone who is SINGLE, and who actually acts on some of the things they say.

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If you're ever unfortunate enough to land this girl, how many minutes would you trust her when your back is turned?


If you're tired of being infatuated with unavailable girls, stop flirting with them. As you're finding out, it's not exactly as 'harmless' as you've lead yourself to believe.

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Everything that she is doing behind her boyfriend's back with you she will probably do behind your back if she becomes your girlfriend. Would you be OK if she behaved like that if you were together?



Anyway she has a boyfriend dude, you should steer well clear.

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