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Unreliable boyfriend


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My boyfriend and I broke up 6 weeks ago because he said he didn't care anymore, and 3 weeks later he came back and told me that he loves me and wants to give it another try. We got back together but I felt like I couldn't trust him anymore. I talked to him about it but the situation is still the same, he is still as flaky as ever. he never calls when he say he will, he's really bad at returning calls (as in a few days later), he already stood me up a few times (without even calling to tell me he cant make it)..


Should I break up with him? I haven't seen him in more than a week despite us going to the same college together..

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i have told several guys on this board that they need to punish a woman's manipulative behavior.


in this case, the tables are turned. it's the dude who's guilty of manipulative behavior. it's time to punish him. that time..is now.


i don't know that you can reform him into an honest and trustworthy guy. if he 'stood you up' several times, this is plenty worthy of a breakup.


if you want one last shot at salvaging this, follow these steps EXACTLY:


1) tell him you need a break, and with exacting specificity, tell him why.

2) tell him that you need complete freedom during this break.

3) if he wants to get back together, tell him with exacting specificity what behaviors you will not tolerate, and what you expect from him. do not leave it up to a cutesy 'ooooh guess what i want' game of chess that some girls play. be painstakingly direct, and if he STILL flauts your conditions of requiring simple honesty and trustworthy behavior, punish it with your complete absence for a spell. however, if he doesn't reform by this point, you probably will need to walk away, otherwise you're teaching him that treating you like crap will not have any consequences.

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Indeed manipulation.

The whole distancing thing possibly in plans to make you needy.


Reason being is.....


There are women out there who carry on following men who are neglectful and generally unavailable in the relationship because it often feels like they are losing them and psychologically makes them chase the guy, often firing up paranoid thoughts of what they are doing and why they are not all that available........other women.

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