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"100" Fabulous No answers to yourself

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If you are on this forum, you are hurting or been hurt. I just got my face pushed in a little last week. Starting today I am doing the 100 - No challenge.


BENEFITS OF 100 DAYS -For the next hundred days if I dont contact my ex in anyway....I will feel much much much better about myself...I will have more clarity...I will be emotionallly more stable..and I not have to feel all this pain. My ex will see that Im bigger than this..I will love myself for it. and much more benefits for you and your life period


So this is how it goes

Sunday - your CRAZY mind tells you to ...text him/her...what is the answer? NO


MOnday - your crazy emotions says...call him and leave a message....what is the answer? NO


Tuesday - your mind will say...drive by his house..what is the answer? NO




You get what I am saying? Do it for 100 days and mark it on the calendar and WATCH how stronger and stronger you get!! Watch how you get better and better. YOU are not a doormat and you deserve GOOD Love


CAUSE THE BOTTOM LINE IS....YOU CANT MAKE SOMEBODY TAKE YOU BACK. Some of us...have to let it be and let it go.


Take the challenge FOR YOU!!

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