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YET ANOTHER follow up... A question..


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I feel like I am being annoying with all my threads that say the same thing! I would just like an answer to a question down the bottom... If you'd be so kind!


Re-cap: Together 4 yrs, I moved interstate and he was meant to move here in April. 4 days ago we argued & he said he might be changing his mind - which means possible breakup. I suggested I leave him alone (NC) & he can talk to me whenever he needs or when he has a decision.


Ok so he hasn't spoken to me in 4 days which makes me lose hope. I was on facebook today posting photos & he was online too, nothing. He posted like 50 million status's when I was online so I was DYING to talk to him, but it's up to him....


His birthday is in 4 days and prior to the argument he was really upset that I wouldn't be there, so was I


SO If he hasn't spoken to me by late next week (after his bday - altho I am going to send a birthday text) should I call him and MAKE him make a decision? I feel like crap being left in the dark and I think it is a really unfair way to treat someone, so I feel if he hasn't called in well over a week then I have the right to say: "Now or Never"


What are your opinions? (Yes I know this approach will most likely push him away if he's already doubting, but I figure he does need a kick in the bum)


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i agree with adviseseeker, especially if YOU suggested that you leave him alone in the course of the fight/conversation.


sounds like a run-of-the-mill passive-aggressive facebook war to me. i'm going to break this down for you:


"i was posting photos" - you were attempting to convey to him the notion that you are in a peaceful, reflective mindset and that you are gleefully reminiscing about whichever event(s) were captured in the pictures you're posting. you're trying to convey the false notion that you aren't thinking of him, that you're just going about your 'facebook business as usual', and that you aren't in any way facestalking him let alone noticing that he is concurrently online.


'he posted like 50 million statuses' - he was attempting to convey how witty, busy, interesting and occupied he was. wow, there must be so much going on in his life, but no - he's not trying to send you a message or anything! (sarcasm off) he wants you to believe that he's on facebook all day to share the charming idiosyncracies of his spectacular everyday life, and not because he's expressly trying to convince you that everything is all hunky-dory in his world, and trying to communicate the exact opposite of the fact that all 50 of those status updates were posted with intent of initiating jealousy plotlines of some sort.

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