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always around me what does it mean


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Hey all, so im not sure if i should ask this girl out.. heres the run down.


So we've been friends for a little more than a year, but recently she calls and texts me every day which never happened before. We go to college together, and we hang out pretty much all day. She contacts me in the morning, then we eat together, study together and she comes to workout as well(and she doesnt need to workout, wouldnt go by herself either). We go out with friends alot, and plan things to do.. and when i dont see her on the weekend, we still talk by texting or instant message. She is ussually the initiator for contacting me or inviting me to events like concerts or pubs etc. Its odd because we've been friends for so long, the possible tranistion to more is weird to me. However she sometimes flirts with my friend, and talks about other hot guys.


So the problem here is that, i have never had a girlfriend and the way i act around women is that i act very non-sexual. I dont flirt that much... and i dont see myself doing it to someone which is see as a friend, which is why girls feel so comfortable with me. I dont think its because im incapable of flirting, its just not happening. I do like this girl though! But i would hate to ruin such a great friendship if she says no.... So im wondering if she just sees me as a friend, or wants to date me. I wouldnt question it, but we spend so much time together in constant communication... and this never happen before its like she just suddenly decided to become my best friend. I noticed she got jealous a few times when i talk about other girls or she sees me hang out with the past girl i had a crush on. She acts a little different around me too, sometime avoiding eye contact, she raised her arm to playfully hit me and then decided not to mid-way. She goes out of her way to see me everyday, even when unnecissary... like when she was busy for mid-terms or whatever. So... i dont know what to do, i have to decide quickly because this other girl wants to date me i think and i have to make up my mind.

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Hmmm perplexing...if you want to know what I think, I think you should just go for it and ask her out.


If she really is such a good friend, if she doesn't feel the same way it wont change a thing..Unless of course you feel like its gone past the point of just being friends?


I know what it's like, I'm in love with my best friend! I don't think he feels the same way though we do have a connection..For me I think its gone too far, I just think about him all the time and long for him constantly which is bad given the situation.


If you dont ask you'll never know right?



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