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I don't know what to do, please help me


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Ok so I need to turn to someone however I'm not in a position to talk to anybody as the situation could get 'weird' as so I'm turning to the internet.


What does it mean if all that I seem to do revolves around thoughts of a girl. Every time my mind is blank I end up thinking of her. Is it what it means to be in love?


I play scenario’s out in my head and keep on thinking of ways of approaching the situation but can never get my head around what to do and fear that I’ve left things too late.


The problematic thing is that I haven’t really kept in contact with her for close to about a year (possibly two) now, coupled with the fact that she knows all of my friends and that I believe we would still be considered friends now. (hence the no one to talk to and the possibility of making things weird). To add to this I’m currently travelling around and am on the other side of the planet (so no chance of a face to face).


Granted I am a shy person when it comes to the female race and I suppose I haven’t really lived life in the relationship department if you get my drift – so I suppose I’m thinking of her as she must of left an impression on me, at this point I’d like to point out that nothing has happened between us.


I think I know what the reply’s would be however I would appreciate some insight to the problem.

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