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hot and cold.. now or never


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Ok i have a choice here and i really dont know which road to take.


i have found a man who im crazy about for me)


but the timing is all off


he blows hot and cold and goes from saying he regrets us not being together and thinks want we have is special and wants to give it a go to saying he doenst know what he wants and is scared.


He is really bad at communicating and got hurt very badly in the past.


He is collecting some purchases from me next week and it probabaly will eb the last time i see him face to face. so i have a choice.


do i ask him outright for the truth.... does he even like me find me attractive or was he letting me down easy? (if i get a yes then progress to asking him if he is not even curious and then i dont want anything pressured but would like to see where things go but i cant keep waiting for him to be ready)


this is good for me but can also pressure and scare him and make it seem like things cant be easy with me


so option 2 is to just let him pass by with not a word.. no comments no reactions (i wonder if his cold behaviour is cos the convos often end up about us which he is not good at. mind you i went a long time just being friendly until he brought us up.. and lead me on then ran) and i can just walk away.


i know i need to break my habbit with him and actions speak louder than words... but i wonder if i just need to hear it outloud

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