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I called him last night?

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I have a big vacation, leaving in a couple of hours. It's been about 5 months since no contact, and about 7 months since our breakup. It's been hard because he helped me raise my almost 3 year old ever since she was born. I got weak a couple of weeks ago and sent him a video of her. In hindsight, that was a bad idea.


I dont remember any of this. He texted me at 11:36. "Im sorry. I didnt mean to blow up on you. I have just been going through alot. I do still want to see her grow up." This was kinda out of left field, because he got mad when I sent the video, and we went back to no talking. Here's the kicker, at 11:37, a call was made from my phone to his. My phone doesnt say how long the call lasted, or any other information.


I texted him this morning and said "Umm I just woke up and saw I called you and the text from you, both of which I have no absolutely no recollection. Sorry for bothering you if I did. Back to no contact! Hope you're doing well!"


Now I'm going to be checking my phone every 5 minutes during my vacation to see what he says back. Damn it!

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